FRequently Asked Questions

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Where are you Located?

We are a cottage business, which means we produce everything from our home. This also means that we don’t have a storefront or a brick-and-mortar, as some refer to it.

where do I find your Goods?

Check our calendar out to see where we will be around town! We’ve got a lot of monthly events with great partners in the community where you can come out and get donuts.

What products can I find at what events?

Here’s a breakdown of what we usually have. Menus can for events the week-of on our Instagram Story and sometimes in the Facebook event too when we remember:

Kelly’s Ice Cream Donut Sandwich Night: Brioche and Flourless

Orlando Brewing Donut and Beer Pairing: Regular and Vegan

New General Pop Up: Regular and Flourless

Greenery Creamery Event: ticketed—Vegan donut pairings, vegan and dairy macaron sammies, side pop-up—vegan donuts, and sometimes vegan macarons

The Heavy: Brioche

What about Private orders?

Check the “order here” tab for our options. The event order for is for large scale orders, but smaller ordering options are for the vegan flourless donuts and donut letters. Occasionally, we also have seasonal items for sale but those are usually a holiday season thing.

What’s the best way to order?

Best way = using the order forms we have right here on our website. These order forms are a jumping off point and will be followed up with an email from one of the two people that run this biz.

Better way = direct email. But this usually requires more back-and-forth than the forms since we collect a lot more info up-front when you use the form that we will need to confirm your order

Not the way = Facebook messages or Instagram DM’s. Yes, we do our best to check these and reply. But we get too many messages (to paraphrase Gretchen Wieners: we can’t help it that we’re popular) and not to mention checking all these mediums for messages tends to mean we lose track of something. So we focus on emails for orders to keep everything in check and invite you to reread the “best way” method above for the optimal results!

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Didn’t you used to do smaller private orders?

If you’ve been following us long enough, you’ll know it’s true, we used to accommodate orders of 1/2 and full dozens every day of the week of ALL of our types of donuts. Now our minimum is 3 dozen (event order form), except for our baked vegan flourless donuts. Why? Well, we have more events these days and they require lots of time between prep and marketing. Basically, the options disappeared for us to regain a bit of sanity, yay! We hope to bring back smaller private order options eventually but please join us at our monthly pop-ups to get smaller amounts for the time being! (see our calendar for what’s coming up)

What’s Flourless and what happened to Gluten-Free?

We didn’t technically change anything about our gluten-free recipes but it came to our attention that we work in a kitchen that also has wheat flour so we can’t guarantee things are gluten FREE. So, about our flourless stuff: it’s made with garbanzo bean and brown rice flours, mainly. When it’s fried, we fry it first in fresh oil. When it’s baked, it’s baked in trays we only use for flourless donuts. We decorate flourless donuts with freshly made glazes that have not been dipped in anything that has wheat. We do our very best to keep wheat out of these products but we know it’s very important for you to have all the info before purchasing when allergies are involved.

I’m picking up an order right now and this is a house that I’m at….like residential…?

You are most likely in the exact right place. 2007 Dartmouth Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789. We are a cottage business, which means we produce everything from our home. You should be at a house! You did it!

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What about you? Who are you? You are so Mysterious.

First of all, thank you. We are v mysterious. As for this whole business thing: it started as one person. Me, Liz. And just donuts. You might have met me. I’m that person at every event trying to remain calm. Or you met my mom, she’s usually around for all the events too. She is like me but has endless energy.

I’m work full-time to run Orlandough and built it from ground zero. I keep up the Facebook, Instagram @orlan_dough, and email. I also set the menus for donut events, make all the donut dough, and fry every single donut you eat (but have help decorating).

Extraneous info on me: I’m a self-taught baker who’s been in the kitchen since age two. I spent some time at PVDonuts in Providence learning more about donuts in May 2017 and before that I had a donut blog that had me traveling around the country trying and reviewing donut shops. I’ve got a BA and and MBA from UCF (Go Knights) and started Orlandough in November 2016. I enjoy wine, cheese and charcuterie boards, and shopping at the Costco Business center while listening to podcasts. I generally open most emails with “sorry for the delay getting back to you” and it’s something I work on overcoming daily.