Whippoorwill XO Orlandough Wine and Donut Pairing

Whippoorwill XO Orlandough Wine and Donut Pairing


Valentine’s plans all blurring into a heart shaped mass of expensive million course tiny food dinners?

Well fear not adventurous Orlandoans (or just Orlandoans not into tiny food dinners, we’ll take you too)! Orlandough and Whippoorwill are joining forces to break the monotony and bring you a taste bud exploration between wine and donuts. We’ll have a lineup of four donuts and four wines for you to work through in a low-key evening sans the craziness that is 2/14 proper. As always, Progress wine will be in the house, talking wines. And Liz will be on the ones and twos talking donuts and using other phrases where they don’t make sense. The theme for donuts for the month of February is Netflix and Chill because we’re romantic like that, bby.

So bring your boo and join us! And by boo we mean anyone you like spending quality time with (unless that anyone is a dog, we’re v into dog quality time but they’re only allowed outside and we’ll be hosting this inside so just keep that in mind if that’s your plan).

And one more thing, The Heavy will ALSO be in the house. We know, we put on quite the party. They’ll have florals for purchase during the event.

CHEAT CODE: You are able to purchase your ticket from Whippoorwill for $20 + sales tax (read: cheaper than online). The price on our site is reflective of online transaction fees we have to cover in addition to the ticket price. If you’d like to purchase from Whippoorwill (read: noice, smort) do one of the following: call, email, or DM them on insta and they’ll guide you from there. We promise it’ll be nearly painless but you will have to interact with an actual human (gasps).

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