Evening Exchange Donut Decorating Class

Evening Exchange Donut Decorating Class


The only way I’ll read an entire 5 paragraph essay is if I’m promised it will be short. I WILL KEEP THIS SHORT.

You love Harry Potter. You love donuts. You will love this Harry Potter Donut Decorating Class. We will be making ONE (1) donut: The Golden Snitch. It’s a birthday cake glazed donut with buttercream details and edible wings. That’s right, the elusive Harry Potter donut can be yours.

This class will be about 20 minutes long, just long enough to give you a break from your first date with that person from Hinge while also giving you something to talk about. I promise.**

IMPORTANT STUFF: Donuts are all Brioche (contain: wheat, dairy, eggs). Pick your time slot when you pick you ticket. Each person will decorate one brioche donut and get the hot goss on donuts from your’s truly (owner of Orlandough). There will be a form you fill out when you purchase your ticket(s). It will ask for your name and your guests’ names plus a contact email. If you don’t know last names, that’s okay.

**date success not guaranteed

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