Order Some Dough

We accommodate deliveries of donuts starting at half dozens, full dozens, or more to residents in the Orlando area during hours throughout the week (20 miles radius). You can also pick up orders from our facility* in College Park

*(we're a cottage business so our facility is our home).

Cost is $18 for a half dozen and $36 per dozen plus $5-$15 for delivery if you choose that option. Delivery cost is based on distance. All orders will be invoiced ahead of the delivery or pick-up time. This invoice will be sent to the name and email listed on the form. If the order is a gift, please put the receiver's name/info in the message section.

If you would like to place an order please fill out the form below at least 48 hours before you would like the order prepared. You'll receive an email back regarding availability within 24 hours. We are a small batch donut-making-operation so hit us up sooner to make sure we can accommodate your order date and time.

Check out the FAQs below the order form if you have additional questions before ordering!


Please complete the form below

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Just in case we need to call or text with delivery updates the day of:
Address *
This is your space to tell us if this is for a special occasion like a birthday or any other info you would like for us to know about this order
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Unavailable: Monday/Tuesday (for FUN admin stuff) JUNE 1st (huge event day for Orlando Museum of Art) JUNE 5th-7th (find us eating food in NYC) JUNE 24th (find us at New General instead!)
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Available times: Tuesday-Friday: 7:00 AM-5PM Saturday: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM Sunday: 9:00 AM-12:00PM




"So what does my order get me?"

Fresh made, hand-rolled and decorated, craft donuts, of course! Each box will include three to four (depending on the size of the order) flavors of your choice from the options provided. As mentioned before, all donuts will be made fresh in small batches on the morning of the order then packaged up. You have the option to select regular, vegan, gluten free, or vegan gluten free doughnuts. 


"What's this gonna run me?"

The price is $18 for a half dozen, $36 for a full dozen, plus delivery cost. GF are a bit more due to flour costs, $20 for a half dozen and $40 for a full dozen.


"I want to pay cash/check, how do?"

Please specify this in the message section, otherwise we will email an invoice to you after we confirm the order.


"Define 'Orlando Area' for me?"

This intentionally vague phrase does need a little bit more definition, huh? To us, the Orlando Area would be about a 20 mile radius around downtown Orlando. Worried you might not be in the delivery zone? Submit the form and we'll check and get back to you! If you aren't, we can still get that order for you but it'll be for pick-up.


"What if I want them on a Monday or Tuesday?"

This day of "self-care" is important to us, however, we know doughnuts are on your mind even during a case of the Mondays (maybe more so). Feel free to submit the order with the date you'd like if it's a Monday or Tuesday and we'll let you know what we can do. It won't always be a yes but from time to time we can fulfill orders on our off-days.


"What if I want more than a dozen?"

Are we best friends? Because I'd be asking the same question. We can make that happen, just select "More?" in the "how many" section of the form. Then make sure you list how much more you'd like in the "message" section.


"I'm a visual person, where can I go to see these donuts?"

We are too. That's why we LOVE Instagram. Check our the page called "Our Doughs" for a closer look at doughnuts available through private order. 


"How soon is too soon to contact you?"

We can take requests up to a month in advance and actually this makes it much easier to plan. It's first-come first-serve so worst-case-scenario we'll have to prepare the order for you the next day that works for you (and if that's the case, you get priority). 


"Could you walk me through the form?"

Of course! Name and email should be the best point of contact for the order. "Address" should be where you want the donuts delivered. If you're not having them delivered, you can leave it blank. Next we have the "how many" selection, where you tell us if you'd like a half dozen, full dozen, or "More?". The "message" section is your free space to let us know what type of donuts you're into. Make sure to select a payment option, type of doughnuts, and all four flavors of doughnuts you'd like. And, most importantly, the "date" and "time" sections are where you will tell us when you're hoping to get this order. We like to make our deliveries in the hours listed but if you really need a delivery outside of of those, just type it in and we'll let you know what we can do. If you're open as far as delivery time goes, leave that section blank and we'll fit you in whenever it works out best.


"What if I have a special event and I want doughnuts, like for a bridal shower or wedding, what should I do?"

We're totally into special events and occasions and into adding doughnuts to the mix to make it even more special. We are working on getting a "Special Order Form" on this site, but in the meantime send us an email to donuts@orlandough.com with all the pertinent info and we can talk about getting you the dough. Please contact us about 2-3 months beforehand if it is a wedding order as we like to conduct a tasting prior to finalizing the order for your big day and want to make sure we can block the date off on our calendar. Also, check our our Instagram for our cakes and macarons, they're new and we think they are great at keeping donuts company at your events!


"What if after all these FAQs, I still have some questions before I order anything?"

We've all been there. Reach out to us via email at donuts@orlandough.com with your questions and we'll get those addressed.