Order Some Dough

The time has finally come to bring back the small private orders for donuts! Starting MAY 9th we will be accommodating small private orders of half dozens and full dozens throughout the week. Looking for more than one dozen? Check out our event order page.



  1. While in this beta testing period, we will just be accommodating brioche and flourless orders, no vegan

  2. Pick-up only from 676-3 Cherry Street, Winter Park, FL 32789

  3. Ordering available 8AM and 12PM Thursday through Saturday

  4. There will be blackout dates listed to maintain our events schedule and necessary time off

  5. Brioche prices: $21/half dozen and $42/full dozen

  6. Flourless prices: $24/half dozen and $48/full dozen

  7. Must order 72 hours out from date for the order

  8. Must pay your invoice 24 hours out from date for the order

  9. Half dozen gets you three flavors, full dozen gets your four flavors

Now, if you’re cool with that, and we promise it’s less complicated than it sounds, fill out the form below. Keep in mind, these will be toned down versions of the ridiculousness we bring out for pop-ups, gotta keep you coming out to those somehow…. ANYWAY, you'll receive an email back regarding availability within roughly 24 hours. We are a small batch donut-making-operation so hit us up sooner to make sure we can accommodate your order date and time.

Check out the FAQs below the order form if you have additional questions before ordering!


Please complete the form below

Name *
Phone *
Just in case we need to call or text the day of the order
Brioche contains wheat. Both contain dairy and eggs.
4th flavor only offered for orders of a full dozen
Date *
BLACKOUT DAYS: Sundays-Wednesdays MAY 26th-31st JUNE 4th JUNE 15th
Time *
Available times: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM 12:30 PM or after? Pick-up will be from 1152 Harmon Ave (The Heavy)




"I want those baked vegan flourless cake donuts, how do?"

We have a separate order form for those! Check it out under the “order here” drop down menu and place your order through there. Those orders have slightly different rules.

"What if I want them on a Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday?"

Well, Sunday we’re usually out somewhere popping up. The other days? They’re our weekend/time for administrative work (thinking creating marketing material, updating the website, event planning, menu planning)


"I'm a visual person, where can I go to see these donuts?"

We are too. That's why we LOVE Instagram. Check our the page called "Our Doughs" for a closer look at doughnuts available through private order. 


"How soon is too soon to contact you?"

We can take requests up to a month in advance and actually this makes it much easier to plan. It's first-come first-serve so worst-case-scenario we'll have to prepare the order for you the next day that works for you (and if that's the case, you get priority). 


"Could you walk me through the form?"

Of course! Name and email should be the best point of contact for the order. Next we have the "how many" selection, where you tell us if you'd like a half dozen or full dozen. The "message" section is your free space to let us know what type of donuts you're into. Make sure to select the type of donuts, and all three/four flavors of donuts you'd like. And, most importantly, the "date" and "time" sections are where you will tell us when you're hoping to get this order.


"What if I have a special event and I want doughnuts, like for a bridal shower or wedding, what should I do?"

We're totally into special events and occasions and into adding doughnuts to the mix to make it even more special. We also offer a cakes. If you’re trying to book Orlandough for an event, head to our event order form which can also be found under the “order here” tab.


"What if after all these FAQs, I still have some questions before I order anything?"

We've all been there. Reach out to us via email at donuts@orlandough.com with your questions and we'll get those addressed.