Macarons in the hiz-ouse

No, no, not macaroons, macaRONS. These babies are the fancy sandwich cookie you see everyone posting on Instagram. But don't be fooled by their Instagram fame, macarons aren't just a pretty face. They're perfectly sweet, a little crunchy, a little chewy, capable of being made in a range of flavors, and naturally flourless (made with almond flour!).

AND IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH, we bringing them to you with and without the animal products. So, yes, vegan peeps, we got you. It's taken months of experimentation along with years of mastering the regular recipes to find our way to the perfect vegan macaron.

Without giving too much away, we want to answer some of your burning questions about macarons and the process. The first stage, meringue, is created with egg whites and sugar. For the vegan recipe, we sub the egg whites for aquafaba (a super fancy name for chickpea juice, yea weird right?). Then, the "macaronage" stage is carefully folding in a mixture of almond flour and powdered sugar into the meringue. This is perhaps the most difficult part, too runny -- no good, not runny enough -- no good. The macarons are piped and allowed to dry until they are ready to bake, which takes longer with the aquafaba. 

The basic hallmarks of a successful macaron include: Smooth shell with slight shine, and circular with even "feet" which are the bottoms of the cookie where the heat is released when baked properly. 

We won't have a specific order form for macarons just yet. If you are dying to have some of these for an event or party, in the meantime, please use the Event Order Form and we'll get you some more details!