Cake and Event Orders

QuicK NOte: We are fully Booked for September and october.

Most weekends are booked in november as well.

If you’re unsure if we’re booked for your date, please submit a form and we’ll let you know!

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We’ve streamlined. This form is now your one-stop shop for all your event needs. Just need a cake? That’s cool. Use this form. Donuts too? All on this form.

Totally unbiased opinion but we hear that desserts make a party 1000% more fun. We don’t make the rules, but we do make the donuts.

Please read the form carefully. We intentionally made this order form very detailed so we can streamline the communication from this point to locking in your order. We know event planning means multiple balls up in the air and we’re hoping setting up your dessert order is the smoothest and most efficient process of them all.

We do offer delivery and set-up for event orders. Cost is determined by distance of the delivery.

donuts, pop tarts, and macarons GUIDELINES

  1. Donut Minimum: 3 dozen full size, 4 dozen medium size, 5 dozen mini size, 100 donut hole minimum

  2. Macaron and Pop Tart Minimum: 3 dozen full size, 5 dozen mini size

  3. We do not advocate for day-before delivery for fried donuts.

  4. Baked items are the suggested options when you need an order the day before an event: Vegan Flourless donuts, macarons, and pop tarts

Cake GuideLines

  1. Availability based on how many other orders we have to attend to on a given day, book early to avoid disappointment!

  2. Pick-up only from our workspace in Winter Park (unless the cake is part of a larger order, say for a wedding)

  3. Regular, Vegan, and Flourless options

  4. Vanilla flavor cake is standard

  5. Minimum order: with other items in the order (5 in cake) 10 servings, cake-only: (7 in cake) 20 servings

  6. Italian Meringue buttercream is standard (different than american buttercream, no powdered sugar)

  7. Pricing begins at $35 for a 5 inch cake but will range on the number of servings you request

  8. Please include info in the message section about specific decorative details you’re looking for. We will probably ask you for photo examples of cakes you like too once we receive your request.

Name *
What can we get making for you? *
as a note: you don't have to be looking for multiple items, just need donuts? No problem. Just macarons? We got you.
Cake details
Not ordering cake? Skip this and the next part. **If you are ordering a cake, specifically if you're ordering only a cake, please include more details in the "Anything else you want to add" section below!
How many people would you like the cake to serve? Minimum of 10.
Donut details
What type of donuts are you interested in? No need to click anything if you're not looking to order donuts.
Macaron details
Not available in vegan for private ordering (yet). Not ordering macarons? Skip this one. Macarons are made without wheat flour but they do contain eggs.
Pop Tart Details
No flourless option. Not ordering pop-tarts? Skip this part.
theme/colors/likes/dislikes/flavors you love/info on the people the party is for/etc.
Date Needed
Date Needed
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