For our Christmas donuts we’ve combined our powers of deliciousness, clever humor (at least we’d like to think so) and adorableness to bring you our CHRISTMAS MOVIE MINI PACKS. You’ll be able to choose from 9-pk minis, *18-pk minis.

Perfectly bite sized for any celebration, and the mini part makes certain you can try more than one ;)


  1. A Christmas Story: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out! A bullseye donut filled with apple and fig jam

  2. Love Actually: Miss Dunkin Donut 2003. A pink sprinkle donut, pomegranate glaze with white chocolate drizzle and fancy sprinkles

  3. Home Alone: Sticky Bun Bandits. Brown sugar caramel glaze, covered in toasted pecans

  4. Christmas Vacation: Jelly of the Month Club. Raspberry jelly donut, raspberry glaze, toasted almonds

  5. Elf: The Four Main Food Groups. Candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. Chocolate peppermint donut with the trimmings

  6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Heart Two Sizes Too Small. Gingerbread glazed with a gingerbread heart cookie and fancy sprinkles

  7. Die Hard: Hans Goober. Peanut butter glazed donut, covered in banana bread, caramel drizzle

  8. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree: Charlie Browniest. Green vanilla glaze, fancy sprinkles, with a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Macaron

  9. Frosty the Snowman: (we couldn’t come up with a clever name): Eggnog cream filled donut, glazed and covered in coconut shavings, slightly terrifying Frosty face details

9-pk Christmas Mini donuts — $20.00

18-pk Christmas Mini Donuts — $40.00

*18-pks will have two of each flavor.

What Else we have for ya Christmas Celbs

We have donuts. We have cakes. We have macarons. All made special with your celebrations in mind.

EggNog Bundt — $28.00

Like the idea of the flavor of eggnog, but not really into drinking eggs? We’ve got u. Our Eggnog Bundt is equipped with all the flavor of eggnog, with the joy of a bundt. Serves 18-20.

Eggnog cake. Eggnog glaze.

Spiced Butter Rum Drizzle. Liberally drizzled.

Plus, this cake has a hole in it for all of your potted plant needs.

*Red Velvet Cake Truffles —$25.00

Red velvet cake truffles. What’s a cake truffle you ask? It’s a flavor packed sphere of oh so soft, moist cake, with a thin white chocolate treatment and delicious crumb coating. These guys are covered in Red Velvet Oreos. We had them once, and now we’re basically obsessed with them….

Box of 12.

*Can be made vegan upon special request — let us know in the message section :)

Christmas Macarons 7-pk Assorted — $22.00

Christmas macarons 12-pk Ornaments only — $32.00

Whether you’re looking to leave Santa some extra special cookies this year, or just hoard them for yourself, we have a beautiful collection of Christmas macarons that should be right up your alley.

Assortment includes Christmas tree, reindeer, stocking, two ornaments, a snowman, and a holiday wreath with spiced white chocolate ganache and milk chocolate ganache fillings.

Looking for some festive macarons, but a tad simpler? We’re also selling 12-pk boxes of macaron ornaments only.

Naturally flourless/sans gluten.