Orlandough Cakes

Welcome to the cake order form page! Yes, we are back in cake-action after a bit of time off to regroup and cakes are better than ever! We’ve made a few changes to frosting style, added a DOPE flourless option, and stepped up the decoration game. Welcome to the new Orlandough Cakes, we’re all grown up.

Looking to order a cake? Here are some guidelines:

  1. Generally available Thursday through Saturday (but keep in mind you can pick them up the day before your event)

  2. Availability based on how many other orders we have to attend to on a given day, book early to avoid disappointment!

  3. Pick-up only from our workspace (address below)

  4. Regular and Flourless options

  5. Vanilla flavor cake is standard

  6. 6 serving Minimum

  7. Italian Meringue buttercream is standard

  8. Pricing begins at $35 for a 5 inch cake but will range on the number of servings you request

  9. Macarons, donuts, and any other design elements will be added based on what you request in the details section so…

  10. Be honest with us! We want to know what you like! Tell us about your theme, the occasion for the cake, colors you love, macarons versus donuts, we want to make you the cake you’re envisioning!

Name *
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BLACKOUT DATES Sunday-Wednesdays May 18th May 26th-31st June 15th
Time *
Time you'll be picking up the cake from 676-3 Cherry Street, Winter Park, FL 32789 on the date listed. Generally available for pick-up between 9AM and 4PM with exceptions made for orders when need be.
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How many people would you like the cake to feed? Minimum of 6
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