Vegan Flourless Baked Donuts

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Made with coconut oil and whole grain flour.

Made without wheat flour or animal products.

Don’t get it twisted, these donuts are 100 even if you’re not working with allergies or dietary restrictions. Our baked vegan flourless donut is made with a housemade gluten-free flour mix, coconut oil, and organic refined cane juice. The only cake donut we make, you can expect a donut just as beautiful as our brioche donuts. Just be careful, theses guys are addictive.

Our process

We know some of customers are dealing with serious allergies, especially when it comes to gluten-free foods. We do not label any of our items gluten-free as we produce them in the same facility as our gluten items. We refer to our items made without wheat flour as flourless.

We take care to work on our flourless items either first thing before gluten is introduced to the workspace or after we’ve finished with our gluten products and cleaned up the workspace.

There is always a slight risk of cross contamination. We’re here to provide you with the pertinent details to determine if ordering will work with your dietary restrictions. If you have any other questions or other dietary restrictions you’re working with, email us! Ask us whatever you need to before ordering:

Here are the rules:

  1. Pick-up only from our workspace in Winter Park

  2. Orders will be accepted for Thursday 8AM-12PM, Friday 8AM-12AM, and Saturday 9AM-12PM

  3. Amounts available to order are half or full dozen

  4. Cost is $18 for Half Dozen and $36 for Full Dozen

  5. You will choose two things: the donut base flavor and glaze flavors. One base per order, 2 glazes for half and 4 for full dozen

  6. One week notice required

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Donut Glaze Flavors *
Choose two for half dozen Choose four for full dozen
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Pick Up Date
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Pick Up Time
Thursdays & Fridays: 8AM-12PM Saturdays: 9AM-12PM